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    Michael Mullins is a fitness trainer and skilled musician who works as a product sales managing director and sales teacher at APN in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

    Mullins is presently employed full-time at APN, where he manages the sales team and provides sales training. In this job, he has consistently outperformed his quarterly sales targets.

    He formerly worked as a sales manager for Loyal 9, Venture Cash Advance, and Coppola Services, among other firms. In all of those responsibilities, he established and grew sales teams that routinely met their targets. He also worked as the manager of Swatch Group, a retail shop, where he was in charge of a staff of eight to twelve people.

    In his home-based workshop, he also works part-time as a personal trainer. He works with clients in New Jersey and New York City and specializes in bodybuilding and general fitness.

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